Season #2

In this week's podcast episode we with talk with Renee Andrews, Founder & CEO of Salon Society. We dive deep into what she has learned over the past 20 years in the hairdressing industry and how she took this knowledge to give back to overwhelmed salon owners with her growing social media management business.  

During the podcast we talked about the following topics:  

➡️ How creating meaningful relationships and networking in your industry is the key to being able to move and pivot at different stages in life;  

➡️ Always look out for the gaps in what is currently offered in your industry and how your skills could help with an unmet need;  

➡️ Outsourcing is the key to sustainable business growth, without the burnout.

This podcast episode is inspiring for those currently looking to pivot and move from employment, into starting their own business within an industry they already love. The benefit - you already know your customer's key challenges and ultimate dreams!  

If you want to know more about the services offered by Renee, just head to https://msha.ke/salonsociety/


A little bit more about our guest Renee:  

Renee Andrews founder of Salon Society has been Hairdressing for 20 years, 4 of those years as a business consultant for the global hair care brand KEVIN.MURPHY.  During this time her passion and love of education and supporting Salons has shown her a massive gap in the hair and beauty industry which has seen her go full circle in the industry she loves which was the reason Salon Society officially came to life in May of 2021.  

Salon Society supports time poor hairdressers with the following services-  

💜 In salon Reels creation days  

💜 Social Media Management  

💜 Consulting on all things instagram  

Renee understands the demands of the industry and how time poor salon owners really are, which means she can support them and help to reduce the overwhelm.


Find out a little bit more about your podcast host Nikola:

Meet your Small Business Cheerleader & choc chip muffin connoisseur, Nikola With over 20 years’ of marketing experience, you could say I’m qualified for the job. With much of that time spent working in retail shopping centres, I’ve worked closely with small business owners (like you), helping them smash their goals and scale their businesses to a point they never thought possible.

And then it hit me… Sick and tired of seeing small businesses being taken advantage of and pressured into spending big bucks for little return by agencies, my mission became clear… I needed to make a change. Armed with the ability to see the bigger picture, guide clients through my step-by-step blueprint to success and a goal of bringing cost effective tried and tested marketing strategies to small businesses and solopreneurs, NW Marketing was born.

My guilty pleasure? well, apart from sticky date pudding, it’s watching lives and businesses be absolutely transformed into people helping, solution providing, money making machines! from the sidelines of course – they don’t call me the Small Business Cheerleader for nothing Keen to know more?

well… I’m a pawrent to Dash the Whippet (aka NW Marketing’s barketing manager), I’m a sucker for trashy reality TV (Teen Mum and 90 Day Fiancé are my go-tos), I’m allergic to exercise (Bootcamp’s excepted) and I was named “little, but loud” at my year 7 graduation (guess what?... nothing’s changed!)

Nothing makes me prouder than digging through the marketing trenches with you, making you feel comfortable on your journey and watching you get the results you’ve always desired.

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