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Marketing overwhelm seems to rear it's ugly head in small business when we, as the main driving force in attracting leads, forget to follow our own north star and end up losing direction.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It can happen at any time during your business journey and most likely will occur at a stage when you are at the edge of moving from one income level to another.

➡️ The good news is, there is a way to get back on track and it involves going back to basics and ensuring your key foundations are in place.

Remember, you can't build or sustain anything if your foundations are shaky. Marketing is no different!

✔️ There are 5 key steps to go through (in order) when it comes to getting back on track and involves finding clarity in your small business:

  • WHY
  • WHAT
  • WHO
  • HOW

Taking time out to work ON your business to go through these steps will allow you to work your way into the next level of your business, having the confidence to know you are on the right path towards your overall vision.

It will allow you to attract aligned clients, talk from your heart through your content and ultimately grow a business you love.



Let’s get you the clarity you need, the quality leads you deserve and the steps to reduce the constant overwhelm that comes from trying to be everything to everyone!

Does this sound like you?


Are you a small business owner who is currently:

  • Sick of prospective clients trying to beat you down on price every time you quote on a job;

  • Frustrated your marketing offers always seem to fall on deaf ears;

  • Annoyed your marketing spend is not showing the results you’d hoped for;

  • Tired of having your valuable team resources stretched dealing with constant time-wasters.

Our ‘Magnify Your Marketing’ workbook is based around the 5 key pillars to reducing marketing overwhelm, being clarity around the Why, What, How, Who & Where for your small business. 

Without this direction your marketing message can feel hollow and will not resonate or attract the aligned clients you want to be targeting.


Let's Get You the Clarity You Need!


You will finish the ‘Magnify Your Marketing' workbook with clarity around the following key areas that will allow to create a marketing message that converts with ease:

 WHY you are in business and your Vision, Mission, Goals, and Core Values that will drive your business forward over the next 10 years;

 WHAT it is your business offers that makes you different, and the best ways to use this, allowing you to stand out from the crowd;

 WHO you are targeting, your perfect Customer Avatar. Finding the perfect customers who need exactly what you offer and who will become raving fans for the long term;

 HOW to meet your prospects where they are, by providing a solution to their current problems;

 WHERE to find your prospects. Identifying your perfect Market, Message, and Media mix.



There has never been a better time to invest in yourself, your business and your marketing.  Let's set you up for success and smash those goals for 2022.

Remember, you got this!


Magnify Your Marketing Workbook

$29.70 AUD

(incl. GST)

  • Guidance step-by-step (over 3 chapters and 27 pages) through the 5 key pillars in the Magnify Your Marketing framework;
  • 16 worksheets to help you take inspired action as you go through each chapter;
  • 1 x S.M.A.R.T goal planner template;
  • 1 x 90 day goal tracker template;
  • Access to 3 x BONUS eBook downloads to help you get the word out for your kick-ass business offering!

Meet Your Marketing Specialist

Nikola Willis started NW Marketing with the goal of bringing her knowledge of marketing strategy to hard-working small business owners who on average did not have ready access to this type of marketing service.

With over 23 years of marketing experience (the majority spent working with small business in the shopping centre realm), Nikola has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to working alongside small businesses to achieve the results they deserve!

5 things you might not know about Nikola:

1. Pawrent to Dash the Whippet (aka NW Marketing Office dog) 🐶
2. Loves watching reality TV 📺
3. Is addicted to choc chip muffins from Muffin Break 😋
4. Was in a 6-Part TV Sitcom on Channel 31😯
5. Was named ‘Little, But Loud’ at Year 7 Graduation 😆

Sukhy, Your Soul Biz, NSW

Nikola's brainstorming sessions have been so valuable and transformational for me.

She is a wealth of knowledge and really pin pointed the area's in my business where digital marketing could help me and gave me practicals strategies and goals that I can work towards.

I could talk to Nikola for hours and am so grateful to have connected with her and learn all about marketing from a true authentic expert in this space!

Kristy Fairbairn, Business Oasis, Launceston

I can have great ideas, but struggle to make an actionable plan, and really work out the priorities and order. After my first Brain Dump strategy session with Nikola, we had a clear picture to break down, and I instantly felt supported that together we will get there. 

Thanks Nikola for adding these coaching sessions to your amazing list of services. I’m excited to continue working with you!

Elle, Elle Enchanted Entertainment, Perth

The opportunity to work with Nikola has been monumental for creating a solid sense of self within my business.

I would not have been prepared for nor able to expand my team and take on corporate clients had I not worked on the core values and foundations of my business.

Through the coaching sessions with Nikola she was able to help me manage, understand and turn the work I needed to do into achievable tasks that actually become really enjoyable and allowed for both personal and professional development and growth.


Kate, Wildflower Proudctions, Perth

Thank you so much for your time today, I really appreciate it! I already feel the value of this initial Brain Dump session and appreciate that this could be split into 2 parts so I can go away and do some homework in between.

The 'Why' is really important, and the big goals are really exciting to look at, then work backwards. I'm so glad I made this time to sit with you and excited to get started! Very kind of you to send that book too!!

So much to look forward to and I'm loving the mini course and glad to have found such great support from you 😊

Maria, Scolifit Australia, Perth

Thank you so much for our Magnify Your Marketing 'Brain Dump' session yesterday, I actually feel a lot clearer and positive. Last night we received our very first internet sale!!! Yep, I jumped off the couch and screamed the house down!!!

This morning we received an email from Sydney Children’s Hospital who are keen in looking at our product!! 

I think the universe was listening yesterday to our conversations! I will be in touch again, once I get cracking on my home work 🤗

Radz, Wirecon Group, Victoria

I can clearly remember our first meeting for the 'Magnify Your Marketing' 12 Week Program with Nikola. I had zero knowledge of how to utilise social media for the marketing of our company. I was like a train without tracks, just running without direction. 

With Nikola's help, I have gained an understanding of how to significantly improve the way we do marketing as a whole. It is still a long way ahead, but I am confident, with Nikola's help during our coaching sessions that our marketing will progress by leaps and bounds. Thanks for all that you do Nik, you're a superstar!

Magnify Your Marketing Workbook

If you have reached a sales plateau in your small business, or even if you're in a rut, then you need to focus on what it is that makes YOU different and get this message out to your tribe of perfectly aligned customers.

If you feel called to dive deeper and work through the 5 keys steps in the Magnify Your Marketing framework, to find clarity in your marketing direction, our workbook is the best place to start!

Purchase Today - Only $29.70 (incl. GST)