What Lights You Up?

businesscoaching businessmarketing Apr 11, 2022

In small business sometimes we can get a little caught up in the day-to-day and forget that we started in this gig for a reason. Otherwise we would have a 9-5 job.

Can you remember what that was? What drove you to take this trek into the unknown by starting your own business and opening yourself up to all that that entails. You know what I mean; the long days, the long nights, loneliness, money troubles, anxiety, uncertainty etc etc.

Of course there are good days, even awesome days, but overall the journey is hard and it is long.

But let’s get back to WHY you started your business. Can you remember? It might of been 25 years ago, it might of been last week. I want you to go back into your memory bank and find that exact moment you decided that small business was for you and the reason behind it.

Don’t tell me, “I wanted to make money” or “I wanted the freedom that flexible work gives me”. That is a reason that would of contributed to your decision, but it’s not your WHY.

To come to the thing that ‘lights you up’, your WHY, you need to dive deeper, 5 levels deeper. Ask yourself, yes I wanted to make money. Why do you want that? The answer to that, ask yourself again…..why do you want that? etc etc.

Only then will you even scratch the surface of exactly what lights you up in your business and WHY you are in this game.

This valuable information will then help you create your MISSION, your road map to get there and finally your CORE VALUES, your compass that makes you stay on the right path.

I learnt this from my business coach a few years ago and it has stuck with me every since and I refer back to this nearly every day and take my clients through the same journey to discover this answer. As only once you have done this work will you TRUELY understand your authentic business voice and create content that talks to your aligned audience.


Remember, you got this 👊

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