Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everyone!

businesscoaching businessmarketing Apr 11, 2022

You need to stop and get off this merry-go-round of comparison, anxiety, confusion and overwhelm.

It is not possible for you to make everyone happy and this path will lead you to double guess every choice you make and ultimately into a world of hurt.

There is an online course or book for everything. There is an online guru for everything. But you don’t need to know ‘everything’ when it comes to your small business marketing.

What you need to know is WHY you’re in business and the rest will take care of itself.

Too simple? No, because it takes work to get to the final authentic answer of why you’re in business and then more work to plan a way forward to get that message out to your aligned customers.

But you know what it isn’t? Overwhelming. It’s a journey you are in control of and not one you are confused about, overwhelmed with and more importantly one you are not LOST in.

Do the work, find your authentic voice in business and then plan out the path forward. You’ll be surprised how clarity in this direction will allow your mind to work in ‘flow’ and you’ll be open to opportunities you might not have seen before - because you were too busy in a state of confusion and overwhelm.

Clarity is the way to a successful business.

Remember, you got this 👊

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