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You hear nearly every second day some person in your circle of friends/colleagues tell you 'anybody can do marketing, it's easy'.

This is usually someone who has never done it and probably has never even owned a small business before!

From the outside it DOES look easy. You pop a few Instagram posts up, maybe a Reel or two and you instantly get new leads.

➡️ What about the days, months, weeks and years you have spent getting clear of your WHY, finding your niche, building your authentic marketing message, growing an online community etc etc.

These 'know-alls' wouldn't have a clue. All this does is make you feel like you are the ONLY one who doesn't get how 'easy' marketing is.

👉 You are NOT alone and marketing is NOT easy and not just ANYBODY can do it.

Remember, there is always help available to support you on your small business marketing journey. People who get you and your business and can help you unlock how marketing will work for you.

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Remember, you got this 👊

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