Marketing Funnels: What They Are And How To Use Them

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If you’ve ever heard of a marketing funnel before, you’ve probably heard of the sales funnel. This relates to how to attract and convert customers into loyal users of your business. The marketing funnels that we are speaking of here focus on the funnels used for attracting customers via email, with the aim of converting them into a loyal customer. 

The diagram from  shown on the right illustrates that the process isn’t linear. Instead, it’s more fluid, indicating that customers don’t always move from one step to the other in a particular fashion - sometimes they skip a step or two, sometimes they take a step back before moving forward again. And that’s okay. 

The point of the email marketing funnel should be to grow your subscribers list and to convert these subscribers into loyal customers (hopefully even advocates!) 

In order to ensure you cover the different parts of the funnel, here are a few acronyms to remember. TOFU or “top of funnel” focuses on attracting customers. MOFU or “middle of funnel” refers to converting customers from subscribers into customers (i.e. they have made a purchase). Lastly, BOFU or “bottom of funnel” is the point at which you delight the customer, so to speak. Let’s look into these three stages a little more closely and how this relates to email marketing funnels. 

The point of contact will come in various forms - sometimes after a customer’s first purchase. Other times there are a few more stages before purchase. Therefore, you may offer viewers of your business to “opt in”, whether this is for an appointment, a discount or some other offer. Following this would be a welcome email, or a thank you email. This, followed on with a second email providing information without selling your business allows for the customer to build up trust. By informing and educating the customer, whilst showing gratitude and attention, you are allowing the customer to make a decision without being overwhelmed with pressure. Following on from this would be “the nudge”, where you begin to sell your business to the customer in order to convert them. 

Once a customer is converted, it is vital to continue to nurture them. Retaining customers is just as important as gaining new ones (if not more so). A way to show previous customers that you care is ensuring they receive targeted content relating to their interests and previous purchases. By focusing on these loyal customers, you are building the potential for these satisfied customers to become advocates. 


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