Information Overload!

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Once we have taken the time to put together our customer avatar, and we know what solution our product or services provides to our customer's pain points, how do we let them know about it?

⭕ How are they getting their information? 

In this day and age we can assume the majority of it is online - but where exactly online? It may also be good old 'word of mouth', if so we need to identify this and try to tap into it.

✔️ We need to find out where they are hanging out and bring the message to them, not just sit back waiting for them to find us. 

To do this we need to ask ourselves the following vital questions:

➡️ Question 1: Where do they get their information? ie word of mouth, search engines, Facebook groups etc

➡️ Question 2: What books/magazines do they read or what podcasts do they listen to? 

➡️ Question 3: Who do they follow online? 

Time spent researching this information will allow you to go hard and hit those exact areas when your customers area and save valuable time 'guessing'.

It also allows you to use this information in targeting as part of your Facebook ads campaigns, which will save you big 💰💰

Remember, you got this 👊

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