Find Your Business 'Sweet Spot'

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When looking to establish growth in your business, you must first look to find your 'Sweet Spot', being where you sit in the market. ⁣

As part of this process, you will need to address the following areas:⁣

✅ Unique Offering - What is your distinct value and what makes it stand out amongst your competitors?⁣
✅ Systematisation - Can you put out your offering quickly and easily?⁣
✅ Top Clients - Do you have clients who actually want your offering?⁣

You will see from the image above, if you find yourself on the outter of any area, you are further away from your 'Sweet Spot' and can hit issues such as: ⁣

🔴 Dollars for Hours⁣
🔴 No-One Cares⁣
🔴 Price Pressure⁣

So make sure to take the time, go through the questions noted here to gain clarity as to where you actually sit and any steps you will need to take to get closer to where you need to be.⁣

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