Creating a Customer Avatar

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Hands up if you’ve ever tried marketing your product or service to everyone? Did it work for you? Chances are the answer is no. It likely resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in marketing spend with no leads or new customers to show for it. This is because when you appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.

To utilise your marketing spend you need to REALLY know who your ideal client is. You do not want to be guessing who they, because if you guess you are more than likely going to get it wrong.

You want to speak to people whose values align with your business ideals, they will be most likely to buy from you. The better you know them, the more you will connect with them and the easier it is to convert them into clients.

So how do you find out who your ideal client is? The easiest way is to get into your customer’s shoes. Dig deep into their brain and work out what makes them tick by creating a ‘Customer Avatar’.

Print out our template below and let’s fill it in together.


Firstly, you should give your avatar a name, this helps to visualise who they are. It will also make it easy to reference them in the future. If you're stuck on a name, leave it until the end. It might be easier to work out a name once you have fleshed out all their personality details. Add in a stock image of what you’d imagine your ideal customer to look like as a final touch to help humanise them.

Next up, complete the rest of the right-hand side, making sure you are super-specific throughout. Eg. do not write down an age range, list an exact age. Don’t list a generic job title, detail what they do, and what decisions they influence at work.

Once you have completed the right-hand side of the template, move onto the goals and values box. Then work through the rest of the boxes clockwise. Make sure to always answer as if you are the customer, it can be very easy to slip back into yourself.

Goals and Values: What are their values, attitudes, interest, hobbies? What are their primary goals?

Challenges and pain points: What stands in the way of them accomplishing their goal? What keeps them up at night?

Objections and role in the purchase process: Why wouldn’t your ideal customer buy from you? And how much power does that person have over the ultimate decision?

Sources of information: Where does your avatar get his or her information? Google, Social Media, books, news outlets, websites?

On completion, you should understand who your ideal client is and what motivates them to take action. From there you are ready to create and deliver powerful messages that convert. A message that speaks to your customer’s pain points and concerns and provides a solution. This could be through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, blog posts or social media post captions etc.

Your business will likely have several avatars representing different market segments. Be sure to print out this template and fill it in for each different market segment. That way you can be sure you will be personalising the message to the customers.

Feel free to print off as many templates as you need.

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