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Discover how to identify your ideal clients, talk directly to their wants and needs & create kick-ass offers they can’t refuse


Are you tired of dishing out free content and hearing crickets?

It’s probably because you’re trying to speak to everyone, and when you speak to everyone, you’re speaking to… no one

It’s no secret… the most important part of any marketing strategy is identifying who your ideal client is.

Knowing not only their demographic info (their sex, income, employment status) but also their goals and values in life, their challenges, pain and pleasure points and where they hang out online. Without knowing this, you’d never be able to craft a marketing message that speaks directly to them or know how to create an offer they couldn’t refuse.

But imagine if you knew 😮

Imagine if you took the time to dig deep into every aspect of your ideal client, got clear AF on your marketing strategy and created irresistible offers because you knew exactly what they needed.


The 5 key pillars of the Magnify Your Marketing framework you need to know to create a thriving business

The reality is, your business won’t survive if you don’t know your why, what, who, how or where.

🤩WHY you’re in business – your vision, mission, goals and core values that’ll be the driving force behind your growth over the next 10 years

🤩WHAT your unique selling point is – what makes you and your service different from your competitors and how to use it to stand out from the crowd

🤩WHO your ideal client is – your target audience and who your kick-ass offer is designed to help

🤩HOW to meet your ideal client where they are in their buying journey, by crafting content relevant to their awareness and providing a solution relevant to their problem

🤩WHERE to find your ideal clients – perfect your market, message and media mix

Once you’re clear on these 5 steps, you’ll realise just how easy it is to attract aligned clients, speak directly to them and ultimately grow a business you freakin’ LOVE.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start deep diving into identifying who your ideal client is so you can create content that speaks their language?

Is this the kick in the ass you need to take control of your business and get your marketing back on track?

You’re in luck.

Whether you prefer to go it alone, brain dump together or need a kick in the ass with group coaching Bootcamp, I got you.


Here’s how I can help 👇🏼





Meet your online marketing expert, podcaster & little but loud Small Business Cheerleader, Nikola 🙋🏼‍♀️

With 20 years of marketing experience under my belt (much of that time spent working closely with small business owners (like you) in retail shopping centres, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses smash their goals and scale their businesses to a point they never thought possible.

Starting NW Marketing in 2016, I grew to a team of 4, had a ton of retail shopping centre clients and was totally crushing it. Little did I know, in March 2020, the universe had other ideas and most of my consulting work disappeared, leaving me anxious, uncertain and feeling very alone.

Practising what I preach, I revisited my 5 key pillars from my Magnify Your Marketing framework and pivoted my business, concentrating solely on what my clients wanted and needed from me. I got clear on my ideal client, ditched the BS and updated my service offerings to suit.

Fast forward to 2022 ⏩ and my clients, my services and my business light. me. the heck up!

And the best thing? This could be you.



Sukhy, Your Soul Biz, NSW

"Nikola's brainstorming sessions have been so valuable and transformational for me.

She is a wealth of knowledge and really pin pointed the area's in my business where digital marketing could help me and gave me practicals strategies and goals that I can work towards.

I could talk to Nikola for hours and am so grateful to have connected with her and learn all about marketing from a true authentic expert in this space!"

Maria, Scolifit Australia, Perth

"Thank you so much for our Magnify Your Marketing 'Brain Dump' session yesterday, I actually feel a lot clearer and positive. Last night we received our very first internet sale!!! Yep, I jumped off the couch and screamed the house down!!!

This morning we received an email from Sydney Children’s Hospital who are keen in looking at our product!!

I think the universe was listening yesterday to our conversations! I will be in touch again, once I get cracking on my home work 🤗"

Elle, Elle Enchanted Entertainment, Perth

"The opportunity to work with Nikola has been monumental for creating a solid sense of self within my business.

I would not have been prepared for nor able to expand my team and take on corporate clients had I not worked on the core values and foundations of my business.

Through the coaching sessions with Nikola she was able to help me manage, understand and turn the work I needed to do into achievable tasks that actually become really enjoyable and allowed for both personal and professional development and growth."

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